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Public Files

The following is a list of files maintained by WFSU for public review. If you should have any questions, please call (850) 487-3170. Each file is archived on this page as a PDF. You will need a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader if you choose to download and view the file on your computer. However, some browsers will read PDF files natively.

  1. The Florida State University Board of Trustees (External Link)
  2. Financial Statements (PDF)

    To obtain copies of annual financial reports please contact Denison Graham at (850) 487-3170 or

  3. Equal employment opportunity (EEO) documents (PDF)
  4. WFSU Local Content and Service Report (PDF): 2011 (TV) | 2012 (TV) | 2013 | 2014
  5. WFSU 2014 Compensation Information (PDF)
  6. WFSU-TV/FM Diversity Initiatives 2014 (PDF)


Financial Statements


Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Documents
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