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Virtual Pre-K

VPK math lessons and activities at a glance. More at Use the following PBS KIDS games to reinforce the lessons below.

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Lesson 1: Numbers and Counting

In the Classroom Name Towers
At Home - A Number Cards
At Home - B Counting Around the House
 Out & About Finding numbers and counting out and about

Lesson 2: Shapes

In the Classroom Shape Hunt
At Home - A Play Dough Shapes
At Home - B What's in the Bag?
 Out & About Looking for shapes in the environment

Lesson 3: Sorting it Out

In the Classroom Shoe Sort
At Home - A Home Collections
At Home - B Sorting at Home
Out & About Museum Collections

Lesson 4: Up, Down, All Around

In the Classroom Classroom Obstacle Course
At Home - A Treasure Map
At Home - B Up, Down, All Around Games
 Out & About Playground Obstacle Course

Lesson 5:
 Let's Measure

In the Classroom Build Me A House
At Home - A Family Feet
At Home - B Fill it Up!
Out & About Comparing size, length, height of things you see out and about
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