Sesame Street Podcast
The Sesame Street Podcast is a series of free, portable video episodes featuring Murray and other favorite Sesame Street Muppets as they laugh, learn, and grow. Sign up to get new weekly episodes automatically delivered to your computer, video iPod, or other media player.

Here are some recommendations for monitoring your child's podcast experience: Provide your child with over-the-ear headphones. Earbuds and other headphones that go into the ear can affect children's hearing. Monitor the volume on your child's sound device. Limit your child's listening time to one hour per day.

Podcast Activities
These activity suggestions expand on the concepts presented in the podcast, and will have you talking, laughing, and growing together after the video ends. Watch the Podcast Together Watch the podcast with your child. When you encounter similar vocabulary words and situations in your daily environment, point them out and discuss them.

Get Your Child Talking
Through conversation, your child develops language skills and learns new words. After your child watches a podcast episode, ask him what happened and what parts he liked best.

Make Up a Story
After your child watches the Sesame Street Podcast, ask her to make up a story about what one of the characters might have done next after the segment ended.

Sing a Song
Singing songs is a great way for your child to learn rhythm and language. Ask him if there were any songs in this week's episode, and ask him to sing part of it out loud. If there wasn't a song this week, try creating one using words or themes from the episode.

Additional Podcasts

Directions: Copy the Podcast URL and paste the address into your podcast software.

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