Gamers Unite to "Smash"

Enter the competitive gaming scene of Super Smash Brothers!

The 2017 Tallahassee Butterfly Count

Citizen scientists see what butterflies are living in various Tallahassee locations.

Mimi Hearn, Frank Graham, & Friends Perform Chain of Fools

The song "Chain of Fools" is performed before a live studio audience at WFSU Public Media.

Sway Jah Vu Performs "Ohio"

Local musicians, Sway Jah Vu, perform at WFSU Studio Event

Help Is Spelled H - O - R - S - E!

Discover a therapeutic riding stable that’s doing a world of good for all kinds of people.

Bradwell Bay: a Last Refuge of the Southern Dusky Salamander

We search for southern dusky salamanders in the Bradwell Bay Wilderness.

Searching a Steephead for the Apalachicola Dusky Salamander

We search a steeped ravine for salamanders along the Apalachicola River.

Don Fortner Plays Taps

The traditional military song is played at the end of WFSU event focusing on Vietnam War.

Veterans Honoring Veterans

Join the Big Bend Honor Guard as they provide military honors to a fallen Navy Veteran

Dwarf Salamander Search in the Chipola River Floodplain

Bruce Means looks for the Hillis's dwarf salamander, a species new to science.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Fred Lee & Jack Quine perform at “Vietnam: No Single Story, No Single Song.”

Excavating the Wacissa River | Ryan Harley revisited

We return to the Ryan-Harley archeological site on the Wacissa River.

Going Face - to - Face with Sharks in the Gulf

WFSU follows a research biologist to catch and tag sharks in the Gulf of Mexico.

Eclipsing the Sky with the Tallahassee Astronomical Society

Amateur astronomers flock to the Challenger Learning Center to gaze at the solar eclipse.

Rachel Hillman sings “The Times They Are A Changin’”

Rachel Hillman sings The Times They Are A Changin' in WFSU's

Florida's Underwater Archeology Part 1: Silver River Mammoth

We search for mammoth bones in the Silver River with scuba diving archeologists.

Music and Memories of The Vietnam War

We preview the upcoming WFSU program called Vietnam: No Single Story, No Single song.

Belle and the Band | Local Routes Theme Official Video

The official music video for Local Routes' theme song, recorded by Belle and the Band.

Belle and the Band | Local Routes Theme Unofficial Video

The unofficial music video for Local Routes' theme song, recorded by Belle and the Band.

Sweet Grass Dairy

Charles Renaud visits The Cheese Shop in Thomasville to learn about Sweet Grass Dairy.