Thomas & Friends

Helping Each Other

Episode #806 / Length: 29 minutes

Thomas and the Fireworks - Thomas and James both want to collect the fireworks for Sir Topham Hatt's exciting display. James is given the job, but when he breaks down, Thomas is sent to help. By working together, they manage to save the display! Bill, Ben and Fergus - Fergus is sent to work in the quarry. When he keeps telling Bill and Ben to "do things right," they decide to "do it wrong." Unfortunately, their tricks leave Fergus stuck under a rock slide, and they have to work hard to rescue him. Bill and Ben are sorry and decide to "do things right" from now on. Gordon Takes Charge - Gordon must show Percy how to pull passengers. Gordon enjoys showing off so much that he doesn't notice the icy track until it's too late and disaster strikes! Gordon is embarrassed, while Percy's passengers arrive safe and sound! Later, Gordon resists the temptation to show off - and even compliments Percy!

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