Thomas & Friends

Slow Down!

Episode #808 / Length: 29 minutes

Squeak, Rattle and Roll - Gordon develops a strange squeak in his engine, and he does everything he can to stop others from hearing it. When the squeak gets worse, Gordon becomes convinced he's headed for the scrap heap. Percy Gets It Right - Percy discovers a section of track that is wobbly. He tries to warn the others but is frustrated when they won't listen to him. However, when Thomas gets stuck on that same line, Sir Topham Hatt promises to listen to Percy in the future. Thomas and the Circus - Thomas is to collect the circus from the Brendam Docks but is told to share the load if there is too much to move. Thomas keeps the whole circus to himself and is soon having problems moving forward. He discovers that sharing the load makes things much easier and much more fun!

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