Thomas & Friends

Special Times

Episode #809 / Length: 29 minutes

Thomas Gets it Right - Thomas has to take some eggs across the island. He is frustrated to have to go so slowly and starts to speed up. When the eggs start breaking, Thomas feels badly. All is not lost, and when most of the eggs are delivered safely, Sir Topham Hatt declares him a Really Useful Engine! What's the Matter with Henry - Thomas and Percy don't believe Henry when he says he doesn't feel well. They leave him with lots of trucks to pull to teach him a lesson. When Emily notices that Henry is leaking water, Thomas and Percy are sorry for tricking him, and Henry is soon fixed and good as new. As Good as Gordon - Emily must pull Gordon's express. Gordon always crosses the Island of Sodor "twice by tea-time," and Emily is desperate to prove she can to do the same. She is so single-minded that her steam dries up, and her coal runs out. Sir Topham Hatt is cross. To make amends, Emily volunteers to take the slow train.

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