The Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles

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The Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles follows the weeklong adventure of more than 400 people of all ages as they herd hundreds of cattle across the state during the Great Florida Cattle Drive of 2016. This once-a-decade event, originally started in 1995 to preserve Florida cracker cattle, celebrates the history and culture of the Florida cattle industry.

Produced by award-winning producer Elam Stoltzfus and writer Nic Stoltzfus, this film explores the rich history of the cattle industry in Florida and discovers the unbroken circles formed by the people who took part in this drive. J. Robert Houghtaling composed the music and Cowboy Poet Baxter Black narrated the story. (More info on documentary at


Tallahassee, Fla. - A documentary celebrating Florida’s heritage as a cattle state is set to premiere February 23rd on WFSU-TV presenting a colorful cast of Florida cowboys, Cracker cattle ranchers and cowboy artists. The Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles, a PBS documentary, was filmed and produced by Blountstown (Florida) residents Elam Stoltzfus and his son, Nic. The documentary tells the story of the Great Florida Cattle Drive 2016, the history of Florida’s heritage cattle breed, and how Florida’s cow culture is being preserved for future generations.

"The story of the Cracker cattle and horses is one of the richest historical accounts," said filmmaker and producer Elam Stoltzfus. "As we continue to work on the documentary and roll it out to the public, we really believe people will want to hear more about this, and we have a chance to educate people, entertain them, and bring some information to people here in Florida, and across the country."

"One thing that excited me as a writer about the Great Florida Cattle Drive project is that it tells the story of this hidden history," said screenwriter and co-producer Nic Stoltzfus. "It’s also one thing to read about a cattle drive from Kissimmee to Kenansville, but to actually go on the drive and interact with the people, and feel it, and smell it... that brought history to life for me."

The documentary, narrated by America’s most beloved cowboy poet, Baxter Black, will also air on all of Florida’s PBS stations, beginning on Feb. 19 through March 3. A schedule is available online at:

"WFSU Public Media is proud to partner with Live Oak Productions to bring this documentary to our audience throughout the Big Bend region.," said David Mullins, General Manager of WFSU Public Media. "This project brings a unique story and also educates, informs and entertains in a special way. It has been great working with Elam and Nic providing counsel and working to ensure that the program will be seen across the state on Public Television."

The premiere and accompanying events are sponsored by the Florida Cattlemen’s Association and Foundation; Blackbeard’s Ranch; Arrowhead Beef; Vina & Sons; the Yoder Family and Lefty’s Dirt Road Club. To order copies of the book, CD and DVD, visit Live Oak Production’s online store at


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