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New MemberCard Mobile App & Updated WFSU Public Radio App



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Updated WFSU Public Radio App

The WFSU Public Radio App allows you to listen to WFSU live, pause and rewind the live audio, and view the program schedule for all the WFSU streams.  You can explore on-demand content, search for programs, bookmark a program for later, and wake up to WFSU with the alarm clock. Best of all, it's free!

The WFSU Public Radio App is available on Android and Apple devices. Update or download today.

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New Updated Features

With the updated WFSU Public Radio App you can access our radio streams 24/7 just as before. New features include

  • Access the new MemberCard app with the touch of a button;
  • Swipable feeds that make accessing our latest local programs and local news simple;
  • Playlist data right in the app for your favorite music (91.5 WFSQ-FM);
  • Direct access to WFSU social media feeds.

Existing Features

Remember the public radio app still includes these great features

Live Streaming

  • DVR-like controls (pause, rewind, and fast forward).  You can pause the live stream to have a conversation and pick up right where you left off!  Or rewind to catch a comment you just missed;
  • Integrated program schedules for every WFSU stream!;
  • Listen to WFSU in the background while browsing the web or catching up on your emails

On Demand Content

  • Access WFSU’s programs easily and quickly;
  • When listening to programs, individual segments (when available) are listed so you can review and choose one or listen to the entire program;
  • Easy to access past programs;

Radio Bookmarks

  • Save what you were listening to (Live or on demand) so you can replay, follow-up, or share it later;

Additional Features

  • Alarm clock and sleep timer;
  • Ability to donate to WFSU through the app;
  • bookmark, scroll back through a stream, and re-listen to your favorite programs.

MemberCard App Mobile Redemption Instructions

Make the most of your WFSU MemberCard! You can now view and redeem benefits with the all-new mobile app! Once you set up your account, you can begin to use all the features. You can connect to these new features using your WFSU app. Simply follow the steps below to set up your account.

One-time Setup

  1. You need an activation code to set up your mobile MemberCard account. You may have received a code via email from WFSU or on your new MemberCard (if you recently received one). If you do not have this code, please contact us at membership@wfsu.org or 850-645-6070.
  2. If you have not updated the WFSU app recently, do so by going into your app store. If you don’t have the WFSU app, you can get it by searching for "WFSU" in your app store. If you are using an iPhone, you need iOS 7.0 or higher for the new app to work
  3. On the sidebar menu, there is a MemberCard App tab- touch this to open the tab.


  4. If you do not already have the MemberCard App on your phone, you will be taken to your app store to download it. Proceed with the app installation process.

  5. Once you install the app, you will be taken to the home screen where you will choose "Create Account."

  6. Enter your name, a password, and enter your activation code in the corresponding fields. And click "Create Account."

  7. If you entered your code correctly, you are done! You can now access the full list of participating WFSU MemberCard locations, and the benefits offered at each business.

  8. Once you select a location, you will be taken to another screen where you can select "Redeem." ***ONLY SELECT REDEEM IF YOU ARE UTILIZING THE BENEFIT*** You will not be able to undo this function. Each benefit can be used only once.



If you have questions about activation codes, or setting up your mobile redemption, please call WFSU at 850-645-6070.

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Technical Questions?

Trisha Moynihan
Director of Internet Services