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May 1, 2006
SC04-1934 State of Florida v. Jay Junior Sigler View
SC05-1191, SC05-1192 Your Druggist, Inc. v. Robert Powers etc., et al. & B.A.L. Pharmacy etc. v Robert Powers etc., et al. View
SC05-2024 Waste Management, Inc. v. Rolando Mora, et al. View
May 2, 2006
SC05-1778 John Vosilla, et al. v. Julio Rosada, et al. View
SC04-2066, SC05-1313 David Cook v. State of Florida & David Cook v. James R. McDonough, etc. View
SC04-1493 The Florida Bar v Donald Alan Tobkin View
SC05-632, SC05-1974 Wydell Jody Evans v. State of Florida & Wydell Jody Evans v. James McDonough View
May 3, 2006
SC03-648, SC04-708 Meryl S. McDonald v. State of Florida & Meryl S. McDonald v James McDonough View
SC04-866, SC05-1316 Henry Garcia v. State of Florida & Henry Garcia v. James R. McDonough, etc. View
SC05-597 Patrick Joseph Kelso v. State of Florida View
May 4, 2006
SC05-1767 State of Florida v. Rodolfo Contreras View
SC05-88 State of Florida v. Moroni Lopez View
SC04-1823 Jesse L. Blanton v. State of Florida View
SC05-13, SC05-1462 Jack Rilea Sliney v. State & Jack Rilea Sliney v. James R. McDonough, etc View
SC03-122 In Re: Amendments to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar -- Chapter 11 Task Force View
May 5, 2006
SC05-1484 P. Dewitt Cason, etc., et al. v. Florida Department of Management Services View
SC05-1986 Jeffrey Woodard, et al. v. Jupiter Christian School, et al. View
2006 Florida High School Appellate Competition View
May 8, 2006
New Attorney Induction Ceremony to the Florida Bar View