December 4, 2014
R. J. Reynolds v. Pamela Ciccone, as personal representative of the Estate of George Ciccone, deceased,
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Broward County – Ms. Ciccone sued R.J. Reynolds in 2004, seeking damages after her husband’s death from lung cancer in 2002. She argued she should be treated as a member of the class-action lawsuit filed against tobacco companies in 1994 on behalf of all Florida smokers. R.J. Reynolds argued she should not be treated as a member of that lawsuit because her husband’s illness did not manifest itself until after the deadline to be part of the original lawsuit. The jury found she could be considered a member and awarded her over $1 million in compensatory and punitive damages. On appeal, the Fourth District Court of Appeal upheld the ruling on membership in the original class-action lawsuit reversed the award of punitive damages.