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Astronomy is Heavenly at Pebble Hill Planation: An Introduction to Astronomy and Star Party

North Florida and South Georgia residents enjoy much darker and more beautiful night skies than our city friends. Would you like to learn your way around the heavens, and find the furthest object visible to your eyes, and learn how we know the universe is expanding? This and many other fun introductory topics in astronomy will be discussed in an informal session at Pebble Hill Plantation’s Uno Hill Barn. Weather permitting, we will continue outside to find Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars, and name some of the brighter stars. We’ll watch the International Space Station pass over, use binoculars to look deeper into the heavens, and possibly catch a glimpse of the annual Leonid meteor shower that is scheduled to make an appearance. Come out to Pebble Hill and enjoy the night skies with your family and friends. The indoor presentation will go regardless of the weather, while the star party is weather permitting. Participants are encouraged to bring your own binoculars. Pebble Hill will have a limited number available.

Randy Rhea has enjoyed astronomy since childhood. He writes a monthly astronomy column for The Cairo Messenger and Thomasville-Times Enterprise. He has written for Sky & Telescope magazine and has given presentations on astronomy from one-hour introductions to full-day seminars. In 1996, he and his wife Marilynn purchased the University of Denver’s observatory on Mt. Evans in Colorado and moved it to their cabin in New Mexico. He is the author of several engineering text books, and is currently working on an astronomy book.

Fees: $15.00/Adult (Includes a printed copy of program slides)
$8.00/Student ages 8-18 (Does not include a printed copy of program slides) This program is not recommended for students younger than age 8.

Registration deadline: Friday, November 13, 2020

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Nov 17 2020


6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


$15.00/adult; $8.00/student ages 8-18
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