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Tallahassee Genealogical Society virtual monthly meeting

Sunday, October 24th – Our 40th Anniversary Celebration!

In the late 1970’s Family History (aka Genealogy) quickly became the third most popular hobby in the U.S., largely due to the popularity of the TV broadcast of Roots.

In 1981 the Tallahassee Genealogical Society (TGS) was organized by Paul “Cliff” Burkhart with 80+ local charter residents. This year the Society is celebrating its 40th Anniversary during National Family History Month.

Technology has certainly changed since the Society’s formation, for example our website at , but the basic steps of researching one’s Family History have remained the same. 

Join us this month as we reminisce about the “life” of the Society, much as we look back at the lives of our own ancestors.

Sharing time/socializing is at 1:30pm and the meeting starts at 2pm. Visit for meeting registration information.


Oct 24 2021


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm


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