Bytes & Books for Kids…YAY!

Tag along with the WFSU Education Team for a morning with some Wakulla preschoolers.

Learn & Earn

A look at the old idea of apprenticeship in training the new cyber workforce.

It's A Cyber World

A look at the growing need for targeted certificate training in the IT work environment.

How WFSU Prepares for a Hurricane

Learn how our Radio, TV, and engineering teams activate when a hurricane threatens Florida

Adopt an Ephemeral Wetland: Family Friendly Citizen Science

The Coastal Plains Institute runs the Adopt an Ephemeral Wetland Program.

Frosted Elfin: Rare Butterfly of the Munson Sandhills

Frosted Elfin is a rare butterfly of the Apalachicola National forest.

FAMU BioBlitz: Invasives and Nature in Unexpected Places

We are on FAMU's campus to observe as much wildlife as we can using the iNaturalist app.

Exploring the 2019 Leon Works Expo

We go inside this annual Career Expo and see how it helps students find future careers.

What It’s Like To Be A Middle School Principal

Deerlake Middle School puts WFSU’s Tasha Weinstein in the shoes of a principal.

The War Story of Earl Paul Baum

This is the story of a sailor killed at Pearl Harbor who has finally been laid to rest.

Enhancing Pollinator Habitat at Lake Elberta

Apalachee Audubon Society is enhancing pollinator habitat at Lake Elberta to help birds.

Lake Elberta and the Seasonality of Birds in Tallahassee

Lake Elberta attracts a wealth of birds, from wood storks to migratory ducks and birds.

Cowboy action Shooting!

WFSU’s Mike Plummer meets up with the Big Bend Bushwhackers to see Cowboy Action Shooting.

L. Kirk Edwards WEA | an iNaturalist Adventure

We visit the L. Kirk Edwards Wildlife and Environmental Area with FWC's Peter Kleinhenz.

Raising Black Swallowtail Butterflies

From tiny caterpillars to full grown adults, we observe the Black Swallowtail butterfly.

Striped Newts, Ephemeral Wetlands, and Fire in the Forest

Adventures with striped newts in the Apalachicola National Forest.

St. Marks Refuge Monarch Milkweed Initiative

We go into the forests and swamps of the St. Mark's Wildlife Refuge

Operation Clean Sweep Cleans up in Panama City

A program to clean up debris and trash after Hurricane Michael draws in Volunteers

Bringing Hope to Michael Survivors in Mexico Beach Area

Months after Hurricane Michael, Mexico Beach area neighbors are helping one another.

Picking Up The Pieces In Blountstown, Part 1

WFSU’s Mike Plummer visits Blountstown to see they’re response to Hurricane Michael.