Enhancing Pollinator Habitat at Lake Elberta

Apalachee Audubon Society is enhancing pollinator habitat at Lake Elberta to help birds.

Lake Elberta and the Seasonality of Birds in Tallahassee

Lake Elberta attracts a wealth of birds, from wood storks to migratory ducks and birds.

L. Kirk Edwards WEA | an iNaturalist Adventure

We visit the L. Kirk Edwards Wildlife and Environmental Area with FWC's Peter Kleinhenz.

Raising Black Swallowtail Butterflies

From tiny caterpillars to full grown adults, we observe the Black Swallowtail butterfly.

Striped Newts, Ephemeral Wetlands, and Fire in the Forest

Adventures with striped newts in the Apalachicola National Forest.

St. Marks Refuge Monarch Milkweed Initiative

We go into the forests and swamps of the St. Mark's Wildlife Refuge

How do Tupelo Trees and Crawfish Help Apalachicola Bay?

Finding the connection between tupelo trees and the Apalachicola Bay.

Striped Skunks |Tallahassee Museum's Mysterious Residents

We visit an animal that has been on exhibit at the Tallahassee Museum for decades.

The Snowy Plover Factory | Visiting Shorebirds on St. Joseph

We head to St. Joseph Peninsula, dubbed the snowy plover factory by biologists.

Banding Snowy Plovers at Deer Lake State Park

We watch two snowy plover chicks get banded at Deer Lake State Park.

Refuge Archeology 2 | Discovering the Spring Creek Village

Archeologists predict the location of an ancient village in the St. Marks Refuge.

The Underground Lives of Ants in North Florida

Using molten metal, Dr. Walter Tschinkel takes us into the nests of local ants.

Byrd Hammock | Archeological Mysteries on the Refuge

Archeologists excavate a site on the St. Marks Refuge.

Let The Sun Shine

Take a look at the viability of solar power for the city of Tallahassee.

Lake Miccosukee Sinkhole Hike: Floridan Aquifer Exposed!

Two sinkholes on Lake Miccosukee are exposed, a glimpse into the geology of our area.

Exploring Muscogee Culture Through Shell Carving

Chris Thompson is preserving his Muscogee heritage through the art of shell carving.

Kayaking Bald Point | Adventure on a Living Coastline

At Bald Point, we kayak through everything that defines Florida's Forgotten Coast.

The 2017 Tallahassee Butterfly Count

Citizen scientists see what butterflies are living in various Tallahassee locations.

Bradwell Bay: a Last Refuge of the Southern Dusky Salamander

We search for southern dusky salamanders in the Bradwell Bay Wilderness.

Searching a Steephead for the Apalachicola Dusky Salamander

We search a steeped ravine for salamanders along the Apalachicola River.