Episode Details: Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune Patrol

Nature Cat

Moth Frolic-Fest/Dune Patrol

Episode #201

Length: 29 minutes

Moth Frolic-Fest - Hal can't believe it! While he was at the groomers, Hal missed out on a Full-Out, Butterfly Frolic- Fest, and now he has a frolic itch that just needs to be scratched! Trouble is it's dusk and butterflies are only active during the day. There are no butterflies around? Say it isn't so! But don't worry because the gang has a sweet idea! Moths come out at night and they frolic! Maybe they can find a moth for Hal to frolic with. Onward and mothward! Dune Patrol - Nature Cat and his pals are at the beach playing a game of catch when their flying disk accidentally lands on top of a sandy hill. Whoopsie! As they all start to race up the hill, a cute little Plover stops them in their tracks. She explains that the sandy hill is actually a sand dune and it's very important and needs protection. Nature Cat and his pals promise to make sure that no one ruins the sand dunes. Dune Patrol, ho!!

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