Episode Details: Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel Hal

Nature Cat

Houstons Outdoor Adventure/Hotel Hal

Episode #204

Length: 29 minutes

Houston's Outdoor Adventure Houston's cousin Nigel is coming to visit next week all the way from England. Nigel wants to join Houston on one of his famous nature adventures. Daisy suggests Houston take Nigel on The Tough Track Adventure, a nature obstacle course happening the day that Nigel arrives. But Houston has a problem he's never been on an actual nature adventure before. He only assists his friends with their nature needs using his computer. How can he get ready for a nature adventure in a week? Never fear! Nature Cat and the gang will help! Onward and time-to-trainward! Hotel Hal - During band practice, some unexpected guests interrupt. Papa and Mama Vole (and all their young'uns) pop up to see if they can bunk with Hal. They're having a little problem at their burrow so they need to find shelter. Hal is happy to have the company at first, but when the voles start to take over and eat all his plants, it's time to ask the voles to leave. Easier said than done, as getting the voles back in their home sets off a chain reaction of other animal habitat problems!

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