Episode Details: The Deal with Eels/Skip It!

Nature Cat

The Deal with Eels/Skip It!

Episode #217

Length: 29 minutes

It could quite possibly be Nature Cat's worst nightmare! Squeeks tells her friends a spooky story of a creature that looks like a snake and swims in the river, and nobody knows where it comes from or where it goes. Nature Cat is just glad this is a story and not real, but Squeeks says it is real and shows a picture of the swimming snake. Excited, Squeeks wants to go and look for this creature, and when Daisy and Hal want to join her, Nature Cat knows that his worst nightmare has just come true! / When challenged by Ronald to compete against him for the Neighborhood Rock-Skipping Championship of the World, Nature Cat confidently accepts. How hard can it be to be a good rock skipper? But in preparing for the competition, Nature Cat finds that not only does he have to know how to skip a rock, but some rocks are better than others at being skipped. Looks like Nature Cat is between a rock and a hard place!

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