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Click “Live” to view WFSU/WFSG PBS KIDS 360 live from anywhere.  The “What’s On” button or TV times (opens in a new window) page will give you more information on what is currently playing. Click on WFSU/WFSG KIDS 360.

Your device’s screen width is too small to support the code on this page. Please download the PBS KIDS video app (opens in a new window) for your device. The TV times (opens in a new window) page will give you more information on what is currently playing. Click on WFSU/WFSG KIDS 360.

Sensational Science Camp with Ruff Ruffman

Resources from the Ruff Ruffman show crate an exciting camp experience for kids five to eight.

Odd Squad: Be the Agent Camp

t the “Be the Agent Camp,” children will take on the role of an Odd Squad Agent. Campers can spend five days as Odd Squad agents, solving odd cases and creating useful gadgets by using teamwork, math knowledge, science and more.

PBS KIDS ScratchJr Camp

Learn to code with PBS KIDS.
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