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Know a young person thinking about pursuing a career in healthcare?

WFSU's Jhori Stallworth explains all about the varied opportunities when it comes to working in healthcare. Follow her @healthcarejobs_explained on Instagram and share!

This work is a part of the grant project, "American Graduate: Jobs Explained." Find out more!

Not So Black and White: A communitys divided history show imagary. Click to learn more about this podcast presented by WFSU Public Media.
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April 9, 2024: Early Learning Parent and Educator Workshop
WFSU Education
April 9, 2024: Early Learning Parent and Educator Workshop

Join us for FREE dinner and professional development. Learn about new teaching tools and strategies from experienced educators. This free [...]
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Seminole skipper (Hesperia attalus ssp. slossonae) in the Munson Sandhills, April 2023. The butterfly is listed as vulnerable in Florida and is either listed or has disappeared from every state in its range.
WFSU Ecology Blog
Help researchers find new, rare species in Florida sandhills

Click to subscribe to the WFSU Ecology Blog Your mission over the next few weeks: roam Florida’s sandhills and scrub, and photograph everything that blooms or flies. The researchers who n ...
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Niki Kelly headshot
Voices that Inspire
Niki Kelly - Their Eyes Are Wide Open

Niki Kelly is Executive Director for Girls Inc. of Bay County. She stays inspired by the girls her organization works with as well as the young women who work within the organization. Read More / Listen

Shades of Ireland

From history-filled Dublin to the rolling green hills and dramatic coast, experience Ireland’s charms on a journey through the Emerald Isle with WFSU.

This trip will happen Aug. 22, 2024. View more trips with the WFSU Travel Club.

Alaska Discovery Land & Cruise

Traverse the Pacific coast by land and sea aboard one of Holland America Cruise Lines’ lovely ships on a breathtaking journey with WFSU.

Embark on this trip August 28, 2024. View more trips with the WFSU Travel Club.

Travel Spain and Portugal with WFSU

Embark on an Iberian adventure as you take in medieval architecture, idyllic landscapes, and delectable cuisine.

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ad for the not so black and white podcast coming september 2022

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Work It Out Wombats!
Monday, March 11 at 9:00 am ET

When Malik and Zadie can't agree on how tidy to keep their bedroom, the solution seems easy. Divide one room between three Wombats! / It takes a village of Zeke's friends to build enough houses for the "fairies" who have moved in.

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