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DeSantis Pushes For More Coronavirus Antibody Testing In Florida

State News - Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing for more coronavirus antibody testing in Florida. He says the tests will help health officials have a better understanding of how the virus has spread throughout the state. But some experts have raised concerns about the accuracy of the tests.
Jul 12

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Virtual Workshop Series for Early Childhood Educators and Parents

Thu, Jul 23 12:00 AM

Join WFSU Public Media's Education & Engagement team for an interactive, virtual workshop to learn about PBS KIDS, PBS LearningMedia and WFSU resources to maintain your summer learning momentu...Read More

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Marjorie Turnbull

Marjorie Turnbull - Being a girl is not a barrier to anything

Thursday, Jul 09

Marjorie Turnbull is a retired legislator and commissioner, and is now involved in various things in the community. Marjorie never thought of herself as a woman legislator or a woman commissioner, she thought of herself as just a legislator or commissioner that happened to be a woman. More

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Family Hike in the Munson Sandhills - Spring Flowers in Bloom

Lady lupine (Lupinus villosus)Earlier on during isolation, the family and I were feeling cooped up, like many people are these days. The Apalachicola National Forest seemed like a good place to get ...Learn More


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Frontline white text on red background Frontline - once upon a time in iraq Tuesday, July 14 at 9:00 pm

The Iraq war as you've never seen it before told by Iraqis who lived through those dangerous times. From the fall of Saddam to the end of ISIS, now Iraqis from all backgrounds share their insight into what it meant to survive those violent years.

A humanoid robot Spy In The Wild, A Nature Miniseries - meet the spies Wednesday, July 15 at 8:00 pm

The final "making of" episode takes us through the evolution of Spy Creatures from the original BoulderCam to the PenguinCams that inspired the "spycams" in this series. Marvel and laugh at unexpected and funny moments from the Spy Creatures' POV.

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