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Latest Minutes and Moments

Minutes and Moments are sponsored radio segments brought to you by professionals in our local community. You can ask a question of any of the minute sponsors by emailing minutes@wfsu.org. Please reference the minute title in the subject line of your message.

November 27, 2020 Elder Law Issues What is Seniors vs Crime?
November 27, 2020 Here's the Dish What’s the best approach for selecting cheeses for an exceptional cheese board?
November 27, 2020 South Georgia Surgical Associates Elective surgeries are available again. What are you doing to keep your patients safe while at your facility?
November 26, 2020 Risk and Insurance Today How can a new roof save me money on my homeowners insurance?
November 25, 2020 Labor Minute Are the Industrial Workers of the World still active today?
November 25, 2020 Voting Matters Thankful
November 24, 2020 Aging Today How can older pedestrians avoid injury?
November 23, 2020 Tax Minute Are there tax benefits to employing my child?
November 23, 2020 Education Insights What are some hallmarks of quality homework assignments?
November 23, 2020 Medical Minute - Eye Associates of Tallahassee How does a polarized lens compare to a tinted lens for sunglasses?
November 21, 2020 The Real Estate Advisors Is it a good idea to attend the home inspection when purchasing a home?
November 20, 2020 Elder Law Issues How can I protect myself from identity theft?
November 20, 2020 Here's the Dish What's the goal when cooking the Thanksgiving turkey?
November 20, 2020 South Georgia Surgical Associates What are the minimally invasive surgical options for patients with colorectal cancer?
November 19, 2020 Risk and Insurance Today When would a business, or business owner, purchase life insurance?
November 18, 2020 Labor Minute Who was Joe Hill?
November 18, 2020 Voting Matters Supreme Court Numbers
November 17, 2020 Aging Today How was “middle-age” invented?
November 16, 2020 Tax Minute Does my tax-exempt organization have to file form 990 electronically?
November 16, 2020 Education Insights What does research say about homework that leads to the greatest learning?
November 16, 2020 Medical Minute - Eye Associates of Tallahassee Eye injuries in children from non-powder toy guns
November 14, 2020 The Real Estate Advisors Condominium living. Is it the right choice for you?
November 13, 2020 Elder Law Issues What is identity theft?
November 13, 2020 Here's the Dish How is a stock made?