A Brief History

Established in 1975, the Florida Public Radio Network is the oldest public radio network in the United States. Its mission is to provide public radio listeners with in-depth coverage of the Florida Legislature, state government, and other issues that affect the state. FPRN serves thirteen public radio stations across Florida. Each week these stations provide public radio services to over one-million listeners spanning Florida, leaving virtually no Floridian out of reach of the FPRN signal.

Produced Programming

Florida Public Radio's producers and reporters provide a wide variety of programming. During the Legislative Session, the FPRN staff produce a nightly half hour news program on the daily activities of the Florida Legislature, Capital Report. Capital Report provides quality produced reports that include interviews with legislators and state leaders, news conferences and excerpts from debates on the House and Senate floors and within committees. The program, broadcast at 6:30pm EST, gives public radio listeners across the state up-to-the-minute legislative coverage with more detail that any commercial television newscast. When the Legislature is not in session, the Florida Public Radio staff produces a weekly version of Capital Report. The program expands its scope of coverage to include reports on statewide issues including economy, tourism, transportation, the environment, education, science and the arts.

News & Events

Florida Public Radio works to produce daily news segments to provide material for member station newscasts and news-magazines. Member stations contribute materials to a central server of which any FPR station can access. From time to time Florida Public Radio produce special programming and provides live coverage of special events such as gubernatorial inaugurations, the Governor's state of the state address, political debates, and other important events.