Meet Success Academy Seniors Johnny, Alyssa, and James

Johnny Davis in the library.

Johnny Davis, Alyssa Hodges, and James Fuse are seniors at the Success Academy at the Ghazvini Learning Center.  The Success Academy lets students work at their own pace to catch up on credits after having fallen behind at conventional high schools.  Johnny got in trouble for fighting.  James was distracted by girls.  Each is now on track to graduate, eyes focused on life after school.  Alyssa, affected by witnessing her sister in childbirth, wants to be a labor and delivery nurse.  James has been learning welding at Lively Technical Center after school.  And Johnny wants to be an entrepreneur.

Over the course of the year, we’ll follow along as they make plans for college and additional training.  Up next: the Leon Works Expo, where Leon County gathered scores of job providers to talk to county high school students.  Alyssa gets a taste of the health care profession, from talking to hospitals to performing CPR on an infant dummy.  We talk to James’ welding instructor, and James all three students look for further coaching and jobs where they would get experience now.