Antonio Brown gets his phone back and an FSU student gets a souvenir

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    Tallahassee is no stranger to celebrity sightings, especially during football season and even more so when both Florida A&M and Florida State University’s football teams are expected to be good. And both are, so far, this season.

    The city played host to former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown recently. He was in town for a performance at Potbelly’s as he embarks on a new rap career following his retirement from professional football.

    After Brown’s performance, social media video posted to Barstool FSU showed Brown taking off his shirt and pants, and tossing the pants into a crowd.

    It was a hot night, said Potbelly’s security guard Ray Daly, and the waistband of Brown’s pants had been ripping during his performance. Daly suspects Brown didn’t realize the phone was still in the pants when he took them off and tossed them.

    “It was crazy. It was the first time I ever had to deal with that to be honest with you,” he said.

    Another video posted to Barstool FSU’s “X” account shows an FSU student holding Brown’s phone with the pants laid out across a bed as he, and friends, scream excitedly over the find.

    Days later, yet another post shows the student with the matching red Alligator leather jacket Brown was wearing during his performance. The post suggests Brown received his phone back, and gifted the student the jacket in return.

    Brown hasn’t played in the NFL since January 2022. His performance in Tallahassee comes amid a series of controversies that include lawsuits, arrests and accusations of assault and domestic violence. Brown has said his behavior is the result of CTE—a brain disease associated with concussions.