Florida’s oldest train station welcomes visitors during open house


    One of North Florida’s oldest existing buildings is just east of Tallahassee in the small Jefferson County town of Lloyd. It’s the historic Lloyd depot.

    The old depot was built in 1858. It served what was then an important agricultural center. And until the mid-1969s, the station also served passengers.

    “If you’re out here long enough, you hear other peoples’ Lloyd Depot stories from where they were kids. And they would catch a train here on Seaboard and ride to Tallahassee, have lunch, and tour the Capitol and that was their field trip. In the afternoon, they’d get back on the train and ride back to Lloyd.”

     Gulf Wind Chapter National Railway Historical Society President Dave Hodges speaking with visitors to the Lloyd Depot open house.

    Dave Hodges is the president of the Gulf Wind Chapter National Railway Historical Society. His group took over the station when it faced demolition in 1966 and has been restoring it ever since. On Saturday, the chapter hosted an open house. The old freight room of the depot is now a railway museum, and the town post office occupies the space where passengers once bought tickets and waited for their trains.