Major Money And Big Plans For Lemoyne Arts


    Fresh off of this past weekend’s successful Chain of Parks Festival, there’s more good news for Tallahassee’s Lemoyne Arts. It comes from retired Florida State University Professors Charles and Persis Rockwood. Lemoyne Interim Director Kelly Dozier said the Rockwood donation totals $100,000.

    “Dr. Rockwood has decided to support our ‘Art for Always‘ project at Lemoyne and he specifically wants to see our gardens improved. The stormwater in the back and the access to our sculptures back there.”

    The gift was made in honor of FSU faculty member, sculptor and Lemoyne supporter Fred Holschuh and his wife Neela.

    Dozier explained the next big step for Lemoyne is buying the property next door and filling it with art classrooms.

    “We will be receiving a million dollars from the CRA. That grant we applied for in 2018 and that will help us purchase the building.”

    That’s all good news for Lemoyne as it rebounds from a year of near-inactivity at the hands of the pandemic.


    This story originally appeared on WFSU News.