National Black Restaurant Week is observed in Tallahassee


    Some of Tallahassee’s best-loved and most creative restaurants are owned and operated by African-Americans. The week of Nov. 11-20 has been an official celebration and recognition of their success.

    An eager lunchtime customer is coming into the Soulful Restaurant located on the grounds of Tallahassee’s Goodwood Museum and Gardens.

    (sound of door opening and customer being greeted)

    The eatery is owned and operated by the Capital City’s own celebrity Chef Shacafrica Simmons. She says her’s is just one of a growing number of local Black-owned restaurants.

    “It’s getting more and more and it’s exciting to see and exciting to be a part of it,” she smiled.

    This is Black Restaurant Week, an observance that began in Houston, Texas and is now spreading nationwide. While Simmons is thrilled at how the culinary genre is expanding, she admits running a small, relatively upscale establishment off the beaten path can be a challenge.

    “We’d love to have more bodies in seats, but we’re moving forward.”

    In addition, she said, to providing much needed inspiration for a new generation of “Chefs and Restauranteurs of Color.”


    This story originally appeared on WFSU News.