Second Harvest of the Big Bend kicks off a 2-year, $10 million capital campaign


    Second Harvest of the Big Bend has launched a massive capital campaign to meet the needs of the region’s hungry people over the next 50 years. The effort will focus on expanding food distribution capability throughout the region.

    Tallahassee’s Tracey and Jeremy Cohen are the campaign co-chairs. They and their team are tasked with raising $10 million dollars in just 2 years.

    “We’re reaching out to a lot of different people in the 16-county region from local, state and federal resources, but obviously some generous organizations, companies and donors and we’ve gotten a good response so far. So we know it’s an ambitious goal, but we’re feeling optimistic.”

    Cohen said the money will be used to expand the Second Harvest warehouse facilities, as well as more space for staff and volunteers. All designed, he says, to provide a much greater infrastructure for food distribution in order to reach more people. Last year, Second Harvest was able to deliver around 14 million pounds of food throughout its serving area.


    This story originally appeared on WFSU News.