Time For Three Special Guests For TSO’s Virtual Valentine’s Concert


    A virtual series of Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra performances kicks off this Sunday evening in honor of Valentine’s Day. On Tuesday night, we checked out the guest stars’ rehearsal at Ruby Diamond Concert Hall.

    What sounded like a full orchestra was actually just 3 guys, namely Time For Three, a string trio that combines classical skills and a rock n’ roll sensibility. The group had first visited the city in 2014 and Violinist Nick Kendall was happy to be back.

    “It’s great to be here in the Capital of Florida and the weather is not bad.”

    Also on violin is Charles Yang, who said the group’s trademark is blending so-called serious and popular music.

    “Yeah, we do have a lot of fun taking pieces that we grew up listening to and kind of mashing them up with pieces that we studied.”

    Perhaps the most recognized of those mash-ups, Yang acknowledged, is the group’s version of Guns ‘n Roses “Sweet Child of Mine.

    “It’s been fun doing that and people love it! The Guns ‘n Roses people get to learn a little bit about Mahler and the Mahler audiences learn a little about Axl Rose and Slash. But there’s great other stuff that we wrote on the program as well.”

    And bassist Ranaan Myer thought this would make the perfect musical accompaniment for a romantic evening.

    “There’s an emotional quality that’s inspiring and I think on a loving day like that will be a good vibe for sure.”

    Time For Three and the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra will be in virtual concert starting this Sunday evening at 7:30 streamed from FSU’s Ruby Diamond Concert Hall.


    This story originally appeared on WFSU News.