Exploring Dimpled Trout Lilies at the Wolf Creek Preserve


Recent cold weather reminds us that we’re in winter, but in the Red Hills of Georgia and the Apalachicola National Forest, this is the time of year when a very rare flower blooms. If you visited these areas in May, you’d never even know this flower exists, but right now, the forest is carpeted with erythronium umbilicatum – the dimpled trout lily.

About five miles west of Cairo and about 2 miles east of Whigham on the south side of US 84, Wilson Baker, biologist, leads the way through the woods. The land here was private when Baker decided to investigate the area after hearing there were trout lilies in the area. He got permission to explore.


For more information on the Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve, including tour times, visit their website at wolfcreektroutlilypreserve.com and to learn more about our local ecology, visit WFSU’s Ecology Blog.