Belle and the Band Join us in the WFSU Studios


Belle and the Band members Kathryn, Mike, Mickey, and Kevin have been performing together for about five years and playing together for so long and knowing each other so well that contributes to their style.

Kathryn Belle Long writes a lot of the songs, coming up with a basic melody and skeleton of the song and story, then the guys will take it, do arrangements and bring the song to life.

They like being able to focus on local places like Tallahassee.

Kathryn explains, “Well, I grew up here. And my mom grew up here. And my grandfather lived here. We currently live on the same little acreage that was in my family over a hundred years ago. When I turned 18, I wanted out of Tallahassee and I didn’t understand what a special, beautiful place it was. I was gone a long time. I went to college and then I went and worked at Disney and did a lot of things… and I came back. I realized what a beautiful and special place it was. Just the beauty, the hills and it’s right next to the beach, and the amazing community that lives here. That is what inspired me. Just my family, and my friends, and everything that I love is here.”

Belle and the Band also wrote the theme song for Local Routes, which also focuses on local things.

Band member Mickey Abraham says, “It gives us a really nice niche. We like the acoustic and the folk music. And I think that geographic folk music… we’re not the first people to do that, but it seems to have a really nice niche in this town for us to write songs about Tallahassee and do the (Local Routes) theme song.”

Writing the theme song was different from the band’s other songs, written with their own backgrounds and stories; they were given some specific ideas about the program and the fact that it wasn’t going to be limited to Tallahassee but would include the surrounding area as well – Thomasville, Apalachicola, the hills and the beaches.

Kathryn says, “It just came out. One Sunday afternoon, I just sat and wrote it. And it was there. I showed it to these guys (indicates her fellow bandmates), and the rest is history.”

Belle and the Band are working on their second CD in studio and are about halfway done recording as of this interview. Their first CD is called “Fallen Angel”, which can be purchased through their website. They also have a FaceBook page or you can look it up on YouTube or Spotify.


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