2017 Success Academy Graduates |Overcoming Obstacles

2017 Success Academy Graduates |Overcoming Obstacles

Sometimes, high school students fall far enough behind that graduation seems impossible. When students reach this point, it can be easy to drop out or get a GED. If they decide they’d like to do whatever it takes to get that diploma, however, the Success Academy can help them catch up. This year’s graduates overcame lack of focus, personal tragedy, or disciplinary issues to achieve their goal.

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Rob Diaz de Villegas is a senior producer for television at WFSU Public Media, covering outdoors and ecology. After years of producing the music program OutLoud, Rob found himself in a salt marsh with a camera, and found a new professional calling as well. That project, the National Science Foundation funded "In the Grass, On the Reef," spawned the award-winning WFSU Ecology Blog. Now in its tenth year, the Ecology Blog recently wrapped its most ambitious endeavor, the EcoCitizen Project.

Rob is married with two young sons, who make a pretty fantastic adventure squad.