Spotlight|Jordan Roberts


In our Local Routes Episode 902 we featured Jordan Roberts singing her song “Day by Day.” In this full Spotlight episode, you can hear another one of her songs called “Frustrations” and see an interview with this talented artist.

Spotlight is a local creator series dedicated to showcasing independent artists and sharing their stories locally and beyond. This digital series aims to feature artists of all kinds from the Florida Big Bend area.  You can find new and past episodes on our WFSU Public Media YouTube page under the Spotlight playlist. If you are a local artist and are interested in being featured on Spotlight, please contact us at

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Freddie Hall
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Freddie Hall is a Camera Technician and Photojournalist for WFSU Public Media. One of the most notable projects he's helped produce is a digital series called Spotlight, which shines a light on local artistic and musical talent. Freddie earned a Bachelor of Arts in English at Florida State University and an Associate of Arts degree from Tallahassee Community College. As a kid, Freddie always loved movies and tv shows, as well as discovering how they are made.  While attending Florida State University, Freddie interned with the Red Hills Motion Picture Releasing Company as part of FSU's Torchlight Program. This is where his love for production and writing began. Freddie’s work at WFSU has helped make those dreams come to life.

While with WFSU Freddie has helped to produce content for The Florida Department of Emergency Management, FSU's Board of Trustees, The Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, and FSU’s College of Music. He's also worked on studio productions as a camera operator and audio engineer.  As a Tallahassee native, Freddie loves to show his appreciation for the community through his photography skills. He works on the WFSU Local Routes photo project called “Now & Then” as one of the photographers and writers. It showcases various notable historic landmarks across our North Florida and South Georgia area.

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Alexander Campbell
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Alexander Campbell is a Camera Technician and Graphic Designer for WFSU Public Media. His responsibilities include operating studio and field cameras for live, remote, and prerecorded television and digital productions. Alexander also creates original graphics and animations for many of these projects. He serves as one of the producers and editors of WFSU’s “Spotlight” digital series.  Alexander is also the Technical Director for many of the in-house video feeds of Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra concerts as well as many of the Florida State University College of Music concerts that are seen online.

Alexander has creative, design, technical, and live on-air experience that is constantly growing. He believes in creating compelling, timely work that pushes his skills and expands his knowledge.