A new virtual museum helps visitors learn about Florida’s civil rights leaders

    virtrual civil rights museum screen shot

    The first virtual civil rights museum in Florida launched earlier this month. It features civil rights leaders from the early 1900s all the way into the early 60s.

    Two Tallahassee natives, Jackie Perkins and Delaitre Hollinger, created the virtual museum. It tells the stories of what the founders call “pioneers” in both education and civil rights. Perkins says the museum includes individuals from all walks of life regardless of race, color or religion.

    “It’s huge and it feels really good that were finally at this point,” Perkins says. “Where other people are able to use this virtual platform to get information on individuals, especially our educational and civil rights pioneers who are local, those who are in the state of Florida, those who’s body of work, contribution, and bold courageous actions resulted in transformational change for a lot of people and not just black people.”

    An exhibit called “They made a difference” features more than 30 people who led the charge for civil rights in Florida.

    Hollinger and Perkins have been working on the all-virtual museum since 2013. Hollinger hopes the museum to will help engage the younger generation.

    “We’re bringing together stories and legacies of civil rights pioneers under one-umbrella so people can have a one stop shop where they can go and learn about these people and the contributions they have made,” he said.

    The virtual museum is a 3-D automated reality gallery.

    You can visit it at this link: Home — Florida Civil Rights Museum, Inc.℠