Gadsden Commission votes to keep tax rate intact, bonuses for county employees


    After weeks of discussion, Gadsden County Commissioners have agreed not to raise the property tax rate.

    The County’s current 9.0 millage rate will stay in effect for at least another year. The move is lauded by local homeowners like who says they’re already paying enough in taxes.

    “I know reevaluation of property has gone up,” Gadsden resident Allen Suber said during Tuesday’s budget meeting. “There is going to be more income coming in and I think that’s going to help you all out plenty.

    “Just imagine, the property owners are going to be buried the most of this [these] taxes. So, if anything you all can do will be greatly appreciated.”

    According to commissioners, the money collected from property taxes will go toward providing $3,000 bonuses to county employees, including local law enforcement. Additional funding will also be set aside to hire full-time emergency fire rescue teams.