LeMoyne Plans Program Expansions

    A painting hanging on a wall

    Tallahassee’s LeMoyne Center for the Visual Arts is on an expansion kick. In addition to a new education building, LeMoyne is planning to make one of its programs a visitor destination.

    Many pottery studios are open to the public so visitors can watch the ceramists at work and even witness the often spectacular firing process. LeMoyne’s Kelly Dozier said that’s a direction her organization is heading in as well.

    “We’ve got a wonderful kiln complex with all kinds of alternative firings happening. And so we are going to bring in lots of talented potters and ceramists from all over our area and build that program into a regional ceramics program. We’re really excited about improving those facilities and drawing all kinds of people into that.”

    Meanwhile, work is getting underway on the recently-acquired building next door. That former law office will soon house a total of 9 studio/classrooms for other LeMoyne art education programs.