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September 25, 2013

Biking and Kayaking Trails at Lake Lafayette

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Produced by: Rob Diaz de Villegas
Original Air Date: September 25, 2013

EcoAdventurers in Tallahassee have a wealth of wild, secluded trails and waterways in the areas surrounding the city. But why leave town? The Lafayette Heritage Trail Park offers something for every kind of EcoAdventurer. Get there at sunrise, when the park opens, and you'll see an abundance of birds and alligators, depending on the season. We saw herons- green and blue, anhinga, and the occasional osprey on our trip, though wood storks, wood ducks, and least terns are known to nest at or frequent the lake. There are mountain bike and multi-use trails in multiple degrees of difficulty. And there is a kayak and canoe trail across Piney Z. Lake and the much wilder Lower Lake Layette (this part of the trail will be closed until late fall 2013). And Piney Z. Lake was created as an urban fishery.

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