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October 28, 2009

Tallahassee/ Leon Co. Greenways project

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Produced by: Rob Diaz de Villegas
Original Air Date: October 28, 2009

For a brief time I had left Tallahassee to work in commercial television in Texas. When I returned, I was struck by how GREEN this city is compared to the rocky and somewhat barren landscape of the Texas hill country. Soon, I was taking more advantage of the many public parks and large green spaces than I had as a student and recent graduate of FSU. When I lived on Park Avenue, I could walk with my wife and my dog to either Tom Brown Park or the other way to the Goose Pond Trail by Blairstone. How lucky, I thought.

But luck has little to do with it. Tallahassee and Leon County have been planning carefully to surround us with green spaces as well as walkable areas along major roads that often connect these areas. It is a system devised to give us places to ride mountain bikes, play Frisbee golf, ride horses, run, or just... BE.

dimensions visited a few of these places and Talked to Stephen Hodges of Tallahassee's Planning office about what they've done with the system and what they're planning on for the future.

For more information about the Greenways project or to download a PDF of the plan, click here.

This piece features music from local musicians Dr. John Parks IV and Singing Biscuit. To see a video of Dr. Parks performing with the FSU Percussion Ensemble or Carrie Hamby (mastermind behind Singing Biscuit) playing with the Mayhaws, click here.

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