Trade – ucation

Trade – ucation

The rising costs of higher education are driving students into debt, and an expensive college degree still doesn’t guarantee a lucrative job. WFSU's Mike Plummer explores one young man’s decision to forego a college education, to earn advanced certification in the welding trade. See how the two career paths compare and hear his expectations for the future.

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Mike Plummer is a content producer and editor for television at WFSU Public Media. He spent 25 years in commercial television as an art director, commercial director, promotion manager, station manager and creative services director before coming to WFSU in 2008. Mike likes to find the “unusual” or “out of the ordinary” stories in our Local Routes. He says the best part of his job is getting to know people he would otherwise probably not get a chance to meet. Mike is widowed, has two terriers named Truman and Dexter, and is constantly at war with the vines growing in his backyard.