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November 20, 2013

RiverTrek Part 2: Apalachicola's Bluffs and Tupelo Swamps

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Produced by: Rob Diaz de Villegas
Original Air Date: November 20, 2013

For more content on the Apalachicola River and Bay, visit WFSU's In the Grass, On the Reef ecology blog.

As the 107 mile, 5 day kayak journey down the Apalachicola River continues, the Trekkers have their trip altered by high water. Last year's record low flows on the river meant huge sand bars for camping and fewer side excursions to paddle. This year, they have to alter their camping plans, and are able to make their way into Sutton Lake, the "quintessential" tupelo and cypress swamp. Also, Riverkeeper Dan Tonsmeire reflects on a recent landslide on the river's tallest bluff, Alum Bluff.

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