Tasty Ideas for Refreshing Summer Cocktails Posted: Thursday, May 26th, 2016 Shaken or stirred? We have some of each as WFSU’s Mike Plummer visits the bar at Sage in Tallahassee to sample some delightfully refreshing cocktails as the heat of summer draws near. He’s joined by Southern Shakespeare Co. Executive Director, Laura Johnson to opine about these expertly made tantalizing selections. You will also find bonus videos associated with this segment.
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In addition to the three cocktails included in the broadcast of this story, there were 3 additional drink selections that were cut due to time constraints.  They include a vodka based drink called the St. George Blues, a bourbon based drink named the Keeneland Thoroughbred and a gin based drink with the moniker Blacksheep’s Heyday as well as, a brief discussion on a mixture called a Shrub.  Click on their names to see the segments.

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