The Vibes of Velma Frye

The Vibes of Velma Frye

Velma Frye has led a life of music—From performing on WFSU’s ‘Studio-A’ to singing on the radio to composing her own scores—She’s done it all! Robbie Gaffney sits down with her to see how she started and what she’s up to now! (Hint: It has something to do with singing circles).

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Robbie Gaffney is a recent graduate from Florida State University with degrees in Digital Media Production and Creative Writing. Before working at WFSU, they recorded FSU’s basketball and baseball games for Seminole Productions as well as interned for the PBS Station in Largo, Florida.

Robbie loves playing video games such as Shadow of the Colossus, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Their other hobbies include sleeping and watching anime.