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WFSU is an American Graduate Station...with a goal to encourage children and young adults to succeed in school and beyond.

American Graduate is a public media initiative to help local communities across America find solutions to address the school dropout crisis. Learn more and view resources.

Education Updates

WFSU’s Speedy Delivery


Moments of validation in life are sometimes few and far between, and even more rarely come in packages stamped with the words “SPEEDY DELIVERY”. Meeting Mr. McFeely, Mister Rogers’ beloved postman friend, was a big deal for 6-year-old me.  Then a proud member of Pensacola’s WSRE Kids Club, I was starstuck, as you can witness […]

Staff Picks: Favorite Books


Tasha How I love Winter Break!! We moved around a lot when I was growing up… and no matter where we ended up, I always pulled out some of my favorite books that took me to places that I felt right at home. One of the first books that I will share is: Alexander and […]

Howling Wind…


Rain hurtling sideways. Crashing tree limbs. Rising water. And, of course, the dreaded power outage. Hurricane Hermine brought damage and inconvenience for those of us accustomed to climate-controlled homes, hot coffee, running water and cable TV. Even worse, some folks are dealing with the aftermath of flooding and major damage to their homes or businesses. But, what about the […]

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Transmedia Classroom

For teachers, capturing the attention of small children to teach them math and reading has always been a challenge. In today's technology-driven world the challenge is greater as they are being conditioned to process information from the many screens that surround them. WFSU-TV has partnered with Astoria Park Elementary to test PBS Kids Lab with increasingly advanced classroom equipment. Kindergarten teachers Atricia Goode and Kim Sherman use games featuring popular PBS Kids characters to reinforce their lesson plans. They have also reached out to parents to let them know that those many screens their children interact with can be filled with something beneficial to their child's development.

See the games for yourself!  Visit the PBS Kids Lab.

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Resources For Educators

tools for educatorsLooking for educational tools? This compilation of online teacher resources will help you to create a new lesson plan for your family or classroom.
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