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Education Updates

My Experience: Ramadan


Ammar Abdullah is WFSU’s junior intern this summer, through the Tallahassee Future Leaders Academy. He is a rising junior in the IB Program at Rickards High School and WFSU Education Department is keeping him very busy assisting the Education Department at camps and in the office. We are so pleased that Ammar was willing to Read More

A Pollen-y Plan for Busy Bees (& Butterflies…& Wasps…& Hummingbirds…)


With evidence of Spring surrounding us North Floridians this time of year and PBS Kids’ Explore the Outdoors this month, we’ve had the cycles we see in nature on our brains. We had a garden craft activity in mind when we stumbled across a Wild Kratts episode that explores the various jobs of pollinators, so pairing Read More

Spring Break in the Kingdom of Karts!


Are you a PBS Kids lover? Do you also love…fun? Do you love… learning stuff too? Good news – we have an exciting game for you and your Spring Break-ers: Kart Kingdom! This educational, free, and addictive game has been hooking kids on systems thinking all over the US since its launch in March 2015. Systems Read More

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Transmedia Classroom

For teachers, capturing the attention of small children to teach them math and reading has always been a challenge. In today's technology-driven world the challenge is greater as they are being conditioned to process information from the many screens that surround them. WFSU-TV has partnered with Astoria Park Elementary to test PBS Kids Lab with increasingly advanced classroom equipment. Kindergarten teachers Atricia Goode and Kim Sherman use games featuring popular PBS Kids characters to reinforce their lesson plans. They have also reached out to parents to let them know that those many screens their children interact with can be filled with something beneficial to their child's development.

See the games for yourself!  Visit the PBS Kids Lab.

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Resources For Educators

tools for educatorsLooking for educational tools? This compilation of online teacher resources will help you to create a new lesson plan for your family or classroom.
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