Early Learning Champion

  • Tallahassee, FL— WFSU Public Media announces Jennifer Ramos from Leon County Schools as one of the 14 early education professionals named to the 2023 honorees of the PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions program. The awards, established in 2018, recognize and celebrate passionate educators who work with the nation’s youngest students, from infants to second graders. Through the Early Learning Champions program, PBS KIDS and local PBS stations, including WFSU, surround educators with professional learning and networking opportunities.

    WFSU is excited to have Jennifer Ramos recognized nationally as our PBS KIDS Early Learning Champion 2023. Ramos has served in many Early Childhood Educator roles throughout her career including teacher, director, research coordinator, and support staff. She also has experience in the after-school and out-of-school spaces
    “Supporting young children and their families has always been my goal. PBS Kids Learning Media and their many resources have provided support to me as a parent and educator. Knowing that I can utilize resources that are fun, developmentally appropriate, and are easily accessible to me and my families is invaluable,” stated Ramos.

    “I know that I make an impact and that that’s important to them…”

    —  Jen Ramos speaking about her students’ successes.

    WFSU’s Education & Engagement lead, Tasha Weinstein said, “The PBS KIDS Early Learning Champion program provides WFSU Public Media with a creative and innovative way to celebrate exceptional local educators who already use PBS KIDS content in their classrooms and love how WFSU PBS KIDS resources and programs dovetail into core curriculum—making learning extra fun!”

    Ramos was selected for her years of experience, contagious enthusiasm, and her ‘roll-up-your-sleeves and let’s do it’ attitude. She shares that our WFSU Education & Engagement workshops have provided her with a community of practice, allowing her to feel connected to other educators.

  • She adds, “I love all of the new programming and the interactive games that are available for free. I also grew up watching PBS as a child and it’s been a joy to share those experiences and familiar characters and lessons with my own two young children and my students.”

    The PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions program, which as of 2023 has recognized 52 passionate youth educators includes Pre-K and special education teachers, childcare center owners and directors, librarians and family literacy specialists, community and parent educators, and school counselors. WFSU is extremely proud of the outstanding work of all three of our Early Learning Champions: Jennifer Ramos (2023), Leah Moore (2021)., and Roshanna Beard (2019), who provide insight, innovation, and so much wisdom that is infused into all the work we do in our community.

    The program represents the diverse community impacting young learners today. Supported by the CPB-PBS Ready To Learn Initiative, this year’s cohort will work on national co-design projects, such as professional development resources for educators, and everyday learning resources for families while also supporting Learning Neighborhood work across the country.

    PBS KIDS and local PBS stations will also provide support in skill-building within the classroom, in person, and at home, while encouraging these professionals to seek out their own personal and professional trajectories. Early Learning Champions connect with education networks across the nation and will further their commitments to their community’s families, education officials, and administrators through the utilization of PBS KIDS and local PBS stations tools and resources.

    A full list of the 2023 PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions can be found here.


    (Originally announced October 6, 2023 at 1:39 PM EDT.)