Ready To Learn

WFSU Public Media has been a proud Ready To Learn (RTL) station since the program’s inception two decades ago. Joining just a small group of other PBS stations around the United State, we pilot PBS RTL resources to establish best practices with content that can be used in all sorts of learning environments.

Through the Ready To Learn Initiative, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), PBS, and local PBS stations provide free, evidence-based educational resources that help teachers, caregivers and parents build early science and literacy skills for America’s children, especially those from low-income communities. This U.S. Department of Education-funded initiative introduces children to key STEM concepts early, which better prepares them for school and boosts their long-term education opportunities.

To address this need, PBS and CPB have partnered to develop media-rich, multi-platform media in the form of videos, games and apps and hands-on activities by show, targeting students ages 2-8. The wide range of curricula created, tested, and shared with communities across the country to accompany this media includes the following:

Family & Community Learning

Family & Community Learning is a model for multi-generational hands-on family engagement designed to support science and literacy development among children and families. Designed for use in community based settings, these resources include multi-session sequenced experiences that are built to be modular and flexible enough to be adaptable to the wide variety of communities and contexts that they might be used in. All of the resources come packed with full activity plans, supporting materials for facilitators, links to related video and digital media, and additional take-home materials to support ongoing family engagement.  

Family & Community Learning

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molly of denali

The newest Family & Community Learning Workshop to join the Ready to Learn repertoire, Molly of Denali’s four-session series invites families to share their own family traditions and values and find the similarities that exist between their own and the Native cultures the PBS KIDS series is influenced by.