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  • Picture this: a room of like-minded people (just like yourself) who love children but also understand the real-life challenge of caring for them. Now imagine that in this room each of you has the opportunity to choose what to talk about, to explore what you want to learn about, and to share your best ideas with each other. That’s right—it’s time to reimagine professional development with an experience that is tailor-made for you—WFSU PBS Edcamp!

    At WFSU PBS Edcamp, in a non-conference format, you, and others just like you, decide what’s important enough to discuss. You are the expert and the learner, and as a participant, a whole new community of friends who have had work experiences just like yours instantly become your personal network.

    This professional learning event is FREE for all early childhood educators and caregivers as well as parents. The WFSU Education team will provide the virtual space and resources to help you explore and share ideas about the learning topics that are most important to you and your fellow educators.

    Previous WFSU PBS Edcamps

    Since 2016, the WFSU Education team has hosted several amazing WFSU PBS Edcamps, many of which were made possible by our friends at the Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend. Each Edcamp has been different but equally as impactful as the next. For this event, WFSU Education team has hosted preschool, early educators, K-12 administrators and partnered with the Early Learning Coalition to turn their annual conference into a PBS KIDS–themed Edcamp playground.

    About WFSU PBS Edcamp

    For more info about how Edcamps work, check out these short videos:

    Edcamp Model 101

    Edcamp Teacher Experience