Meet Our Educators
  • We are your partners in learning.

  • Our staff has hands-on education experience and a passion for helping families and educators integrate WFSU PBS KIDS content and media into learning.

    Drop us a line at any time at to ask a question or learn more about how we can be partners in education.

    • Tasha Weinstein
      Education & Engagement Manager

      Tasha Weinstein

      Education & Engagement Manager

      Tasha has served WFSU Public Media for more than a decade. She has a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. She is skilled in media education, nonprofit organizations, art education, program evaluation, educational technology, and management.

    • Cassidy Zhang
      Education Specialist

      Cassidy Zhang

      Education Specialist

      Cassidy Zhang is an Education Specialist for the WFSU Education & Engagement Team and a teacher at Leon County Schools. She uses her prior teaching experience to contribute to educational content creation, workshop facilitation, and event planning. She also manages our social media, sharing PBS resources, upcoming WFSU events, and educational tips and tricks for parents and educators.

      Before working in this role, Cassidy worked as a barista, a missionary, and a teacher. She is a life-long learner who enjoys working with people and is always looking for opportunities to help solve problems. As a Tallahassee local and FSU alumna, after traveling the world she is grateful to give back to her own community.

      When she’s out of the office, she enjoys playing soccer, writing songs, and spending quality time with her family and friends (preferably outdoors).

    • Lauren Penniman
      Ready To Learn Coordinator

      Lauren Penniman

      Ready To Learn Coordinator

      Lauren Penniman is an Education Specialist and works with the world of PBS Kids and with the Tallahassee community to promote educational experiences for children.

      Lauren moved from Jacksonville to attend school at Florida State University for Elementary Education and worked as a rowing coach and teacher before starting at WFSU.

      During Lauren’s free time, she is either painting, watching Friends, or reading a book.