Early Learning Champion 2021 (Leah Moore)

  • Since its inception, the PBS KIDS Early Learning Champions program recognized 38 passionate educators of young children since its inception (2021 data). The honorees consist of various early learning educators, including Pre-K, Head Start, and early elementary teachers; center care providers and directors; museum and community educators; and home care providers and owners.

    The program represents the diverse teaching communities that impact young learners today. As educators continue to move through the uncharted territory of pandemic-impacted learning and the proliferation of hybrid teaching environments, PBS KIDS and local PBS stations will support their skill-building within the classroom, in person, and at home.

    Tallahassee’s most recent honoree was Leah Moore, who was selected as a PBS KIDS 2021 Early Learning Champion. 

    Leah Moore goes above and beyond to get kids ready for kindergarten. And that is why, Super Readers, she’s an Early Learning Champion!

    Leah’s enthusiasm, interest, and love of all things PBS KIDS led her to embrace WFSU Public Media’s educator programs. When Leah, her students, and their families participated in a PBS KIDS Play & Learn Science workshop series, her passion and talent for teaching quickly became apparent!

  • Leah has always gone the extra mile for her students. She loves working with them during PBS KIDS activities. Throughout the pandemic, Leah has found safe ways to continue her work with young children and their families, including a pop-up summer preschool program. WFSU couldn’t be more excited to keep learning and growing with Leah.

    Leah’s favorite PBS KIDS character is Princess Pea from Super Why! 

    Early Learning Champions will also connect with educator networks across the nation to further their commitments to their community’s families, education officials, and administrators through the utilization of PBS KIDS and local PBS station tools and resources.

    2021 honorees were chosen for their passion and devotion to early education, strengthening the ecosystem in which children learn, and innovating the teaching experience as we know it. Through the Early Learning Champions program, PBS KIDS aims to create a unique environment that includes professional learning and networking opportunities for educators, while fostering relationships between them and their local PBS stations.

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