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summer challenge thomas eventTake WFSU's Summer Challenge to Keep Learning Each Summer
Each summer WFSU Education hosts the WFSU Summer Challenge. The goal is to get your entire family to excited about summer learning via a super-fun online, offline, interactive, hands-on scavenger hunt for kids and parents to do together. Registration is required and will open at the end of the school year. After registering, participant receive a WFSU Summer Challenge checklist with instructions on how to play, create, share, and celebrate the fun of learning with WFSU and PBS KIDS!

At the end of each summer, WFSU will host a summer learning celebration. In the past these events have included visits from Clifford, Word Girl, Thomas the Tank Engine and Cookie Monster. Please stay tuned to find out who it will be this year!

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Take the 2017 WFSU Summer Challenge

Keep sharp this summer with super fun and interactive activities for the entire family! The Challenge wraps up on August 5th with a Summer Challenge celebration event.
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