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A SciGirl explores forensic anthropology.

SciGirls is a two-week hands-on summer camp that inspires middle school girls to pursue careers in science.

About SciGirls WFSU/MagLab
Launched in 2006, SciGirls WFSU Mag Lab is a two-week hands-on summer camp run by The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and WFSU that inspires middle and high school girls to pursue careers in science. SciGirls I and SciGirls II camps accept rising sixth graders through ninth graders as well as returning campers. SciGirls WFSU Mag Lab is an outreach partner of SciGirls, the national PBS television series and outreach program.

What to Expect
SciGirls I – Rising 6th and 7th graders.
SciGirls II – Rising 8th and 9th graders.

During their two-week experience, campers can expect

  • An exposure to a wide range of science disciplines;
  • Indoor experiences (labs, lectures, demonstrations, walking tours);
  • Outdoor field experiences (swimming, snorkeling, hiking, data collection);
  • Extensive group work;
  • Interactions with local scientists and science educators. 

New for 2017 - SciGirls Coding Camp
Computer science is the science of choice for campers in SciGirls Coding Camp. This is one week when we want our campers' eyes on the screen.

2017 is the inaugural year for the SciGirls Coding Camp, a spin-off from SciGirls Summer Camp. The camp is open to rising 6th-grade through rising 9th-grade students.

During their week, campers can expect:

  • An exposure to computer sciences
  • Guest engineers who are currently working in the field
  • Extensive group work
  • Interactions with girls with similar interests

Camp details:

  • Dates: Monday through Friday, June 26-30, 2017
  • Cost: $200
  • Camp hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday
  • Base of operation: The National MagLab, Tallahassee, FL.
  • Upon acceptance, limited need-based scholarships may be available. Contact Carlos Villa for application.
  • Application deadline is April 8, 2017 at 5 p.m. EST.

How to Apply
To apply, visit the FSU MagLab website for the SciGirls Coding Camp.

SciGirls Media
SciGirls, the national PBS television series, is an expansion and transformation of DragonflyTV's outreach program. SciGirls' multi-faceted, multi-platform approach is designed to meet girls where they gather.

On TV — Each SciGirls episode follows a different group of enthusiastic, real SciGirls, who collaborate, communicate, engineer and discover. They're accompanied by two animated characters—a determined SciGirl named Izzie and her best friend Jake, who tie the series together with their ongoing adventures.

Online — Izzie also stars as the webmaster of the SciGirls website, hosted on, one of the premiere educational destinations for young people on the Web. This site is a unique and safe science-centric social network, where girls can connect, create personal profiles and avatars, upload and share their science projects and watch every episode.

Previous Camp Experiences


SciGirls 2016 Reception Video

In years past SciGirls campers traveled to a variety of area sites, engaging in hands-on activities that underscored important science principles. The girls had an opportunity to meet many scientists from the Mag Lab, PBS&J and other firms and government agencies and learn more about their daily work. They also visited local laboratories and departments at Florida State University, observed an operation at the local animal shelter, collected fossils at a quarry, and participated in engineering activities with the PBS&J engineering firm.

In July of 2012 SciGirls took a visit to the Florida Center for Interactive Media. Listen to the story by WFSU-FM's Tom Flanigan:

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SciGirls Video Channel (2011) – A collection of SciGirls videos, including promos and video footage shot during the camp. Watch the SciGirls interview local scientists, learn about science at Florida State University, uncover fossils at a rock quarry and visit the Seacrest Wolf Preserve.

More Science
The Secret Life of Scientists
: In a selection of three to six short, punchy films, each person describes his or her passions both within and outside of science. The site will also include opportunities to interact directly with the scientists through "questions & answers," sharing stories, and bonus video that digs deep into each scientist's work and life to reveal more about who these thinkers are as people.

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